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  • NiProWriMo 1/30: Scars (or What It Costs)

    It’s that time again: April. Sharpen your pencils, crack your knuckles, and let’s get to it. 

    Recently, I watched the original Star Wars with a friend who had never seen it before. We have a date to watch the next one, too. So, the franchise is on my mind. 

    Be warned: spoilers for decades old movies ahead. 

    This morning in the shower, as I washed, I felt as I always do the scar. This is where they cut my daughters out of me. I do not like the scar. I do not pretend to like the scar or to be okay with it, but. But my daughters. 

    This scar, and what it entails, are part of what I paid for their passage. With me and my scar, it is easy to see what was given up and what was gained. In the movie, Darth Vader cut off Luke Skywalker’s hand. What did it get him? The truth about his father’s identity. But more? It solidified his decision to not become his father. 

    Using those ideas as a framework and thinking about yourself or someone else, work with the following questions: 

    What was lost? 

    What was gained? 

    Who paid? Who collected? How large was the payment? A lump sum? Incremental? 

    How was the payment measured? How was it earned? 

     it (the payment and/or the price) be replaced? By whom? 

    What was the price “spent” on?

    What else was bought? 

    What name was given to the gone-thing? To the price? To the seller? The buyer? Who named them? 

    Why was this the way to get it? What other currency could have been used? Why wasn’t it? 

    Was it worth it? How does one know? 

    Was it a fair deal for all involved?

    I do these prompts every year.