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  • NiProWriMo 5/30: Invisibility (or It was just right here)

    Sometimes, I feel invisible. Not in the awesome “look at my super power” way, but in the “[waves] I’m right here dammit!” way. Sometimes it’s related to my gender, my race, my status as a parent, my particular presentation on that day. 

    There are a lot of ways and under a lot of different circumstances one might become invisible. Let’s write about the disappearing – yours or someone else’s. Maybe a thing you were holding? 

    Was it all at once? Did your body go piece by piece? Which piece went first? Last? 

     Was it like being erased with a pencil’s eraser? Or having paint thinner splashed on a canvas? What was it like? 

    Did you know it was happening? Did you object/try to stop it? Was it welcomed? Were there parts of it/you that you wanted erased? 

     Who did it? Who noticed? 

    During, what was different? What did you experience (see/hear) that you couldn’t or didn’t before? 

     Did the part(s) come back? 

     Did it matter? How? To whom? 

     After, what then?

    I’ll be posting prompts all month.