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  • NiProWriMo 11/30: One Mo’ ‘Gain OR Tell it Like it Goes

    Let’s start with two questions:

    1. What are 5 movies that everyone is told they should see? Or books? Or albums? Or poems? or short stories?

    For our purposes, let’s look at finite texts. It has to have a definite begining and an end, so a television show would work.

    2. How do you think of yourself? As queer? Trans? Black? A witch?

    What identities frame your understanding of the world?

    Now, can I nerd out to you for a quick second? I read an article that argued that Nella Larsen’s Passing {link to summary} is a “blackening” of F. Scott’s Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby {link to summary}. Now since I love love love Passing, I love this reading of it. At first because it puts Larsen self-consciously in conversation with a *cough* overrated *cough* text that has retained its “importance” since its publication.

    Then I realized that taking on the text, saying naw, here’s what you got wrong and what your privileged ass missed is perfect. It’s an overt act of resistance.

    Today, take on one of those you-gotta-see-this texts and use it as a vehicle to take back the narrative from someone who has gotten wrong or who does not offer the subject the nuance you wish they had.  

    What does a blackening of True Detective look like? A queering of The Lottery?

    Always working. Always building. Always writing. Wanna help?