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  • NiProWriMo 18/30: A Rose by Any Other Name OR dafuq you call me?

    Today, I want to work with names. I suggest you work with your own, but this will work with any person you choose.

    In your piece, rename yourself*. Give yourself as many names as you can. There are so many ways you can structure this:

    is the naming a thing you do to yourself?

    Is is a thing done to you? For example, my mom calls me X while my friends call me Y.

    Do the names come from mispronunciations?

    From context, emotional, physical, vocational?

    Do(es) the name(s) reflect some characteristic of you? Physically? Psychologically?

    Are the names you give yourself just wishful thinking?

    Do you share the (new) names with anyone?

    Does a name reflect a certain time period?

    Does knowing a name give someone power over/intimacy with/access to you?

    Perhaps most importantly, how do you respond to the legion of names?

    *If you have multiple names, recount the many names you have - and their stories - and then add more.