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  • NiProWriMo 24/30: Committment Issues

    What do you do that you love? I garden. I love everything about it: the dirt, the potential of the seed, the weeds, the deer who try to steal my labor.

    What do you do that you love?

    My friend Alex recently shared that she had run for every day for 30 days. Think of that, every day for a month (and counting) she has said “I am going to run.”

    What struck me about her original statement was her wording, she wrote: “I just hit a 30 day running streak, that means for me that I’ve committed running every day for 30 days at five miles each run.”

    She committed running.

    Usually people commit crimes. We commit murder. What else do we commit?

    Note that I am specifically avoiding “committing to” as the “to” adds a layer - a distance - between the commitment and the act.