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  • NiProWriMo 25/30: You’re So Vain OR This Is Actually About You

    Today, write something about yourself. That’s easy enough*, right? We are after all creative types who, generally speaking, like to talk about ourselves. 

    *The catch: Don’t use me, my, I , mine, etc. Write about yourself only in terms of your relationships to people, to places, to objects, to ideas. And since we just worked with naming a few days ago, don’t use your/a name either.

    For example, I wouldn’t write “I wrote a prompt today”. I wouldn’t write “Nicole wrote a prompt today,” either. I could write “The woman in the second-hand chair wrote a prompt today.” 

    The question - or, at least, one question - becomes the speaker. Are you reverting to a thinly veiled “I”? Are you creating a speaker/narrator that is all-knowing, kind of all-knowing, knows only what you know, or is identifiable as a fallible human? What are you revealing/concealing about yourself that you can’t or don’t when you use I/me/my?

    Where do I post a new prompt every Monday all year? {here.}