LoserSlam founder, AV guy extrordinaire, and the world's best Communications and Media professor, Chad Anderson's blog can be found {here}  If you like poetry, performance, wit, and/or skateboarding, check him out.

I <3 David Ayllon. I really, really do. One look at his art and you'll know why.

If, in the sitcom version of my life, my mom was a superhero and my dad was a hermit and they had a pair of twins seperated at birth and one twin was a litnerd and the other was a comicbook nerd and those seperated nerds met at a poetry slam... well, you get the idea. Omar Holmon is that guy.

If you live in/around NYC and you need promotional photographs, I can't say enough good things about Maria Del Naja. I'm super camera shy but she put even this nerdgirl at ease. Seriously good people. You can contact her at

Have you visited Black Nerd Problems today? Because if you are black or nerdy or enjoy smartly written nerd responses/observations/reviews to the world around you, you should. Now.