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Nicole Homer is a writer and educator. Combining the intimacy of a whisper and the nonchalance of a bus station confession (with a helping of humor), she tells stories that examine gender, race, relationships and the minutia of life in a way that invites the reader to come in, pull up a chair, and stay awhile. Her writing has appeared in Muzzle, The OffingFreezeRay Poetry, Cease Cows, The Boiler Journal, and elsewhere. She is an Editor and regular contributor at BlackNerdProblems. She earned an MFA from Rutgers-Newark and currently lives in New Jersey where she teaches.  

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Her forthcoming full-length poetry collection, Pecking Order, is an unflinching look at how race and gender politics play out in the domestic sphere. Homer challenges the notion of family by forcing the reader to examine how race, race performance, and colorism impact motherhood immediately and from generation to generation. In a world where race and color often determine treatment, the home should be sanctuary, but often is not. Homer’s poems question the construction of racial identity and how familial love can both challenge and bolster that construction. Her poems range from the intimate details of motherhood to the universal experiences of parenting; the dynamics of multiracial families to parenting black children; and the ingrained social hierarchy which places the black mother at the bottom. Homer forces us to reckon with the truth that no one—not even the mother—is unbiased.

Nicole has been a finalist at the Women of the World and the Individual World Poetry Slam. 

She has been a featured reader/performer at Nuyorican Poets Café, Cantab Lounge, Hampshire College, Coffee Cave, KGB’s, Art Amok, Wits End Poetry, Broken Speech, Eclectic Truth, Austin Slam, Dallas Poetry Slam, Denver Mercury Slam, Pretty Boy School of Public Speaking, Essenza Slam, Starry Plough and others. 

What Other Poets Are Saying About Nicole  
Nicole Homer is a poet unafraid to use everything in her arsenal. Funny, powerful and undeniably real, she is an exhilarating new voice in poetry and a sly unflinching presence in performance. She has become an absolute force in the NYC poetry slam, and for good reason.  ~ Cristin O'Keefe Aptowitz, author Words in Your Face: A Guided Tour Through Twenty Years of the New York City Poetry Slam

Nicole Homer's work - is a body of intangibility. She is the flex and the constriction, the clench and creak -- of our most unflatteringreflections. She does not allow you laughter without a gun-butt'n reprieve attached. The only comfort in her words are the truths that lie waiting to feed you.  ~ Mahogany L. Browne, Author, Owner of Books & Nuyorican Poets Cafe Slammistress

Although a national finalist in the poetry slam and no stranger to performing in front of huge crowds, Nicole Homer always manages to maintain an intimacy in her work that makes it sound as though her poems are being whispered in your ear.Taylor Mali, professional spoken word artist, Def Poet and teacher

If there were a new school of poetry called Gut Punch, Nicole Homer would be the leader of the movement.   Her poems are bullets of honesty; unflinching manifestos that define her as both teacher and student.  What she delivers on both the page and in performance can knock the wind out of you one minute, then have you throwing bagels in rapture the next.   She is hilarious, bawdy, heartbreaking, shocking, and so on point you could cut yourself on her words.  When the elections for President of Truth happen, I'm voting for Nicole Homer, early and often. ~ Rob Sturma, author Miles of Hallelujah

Nicole Homer is, in a word, real. She is not flash and glam, but a hugely talented writer who addresses audiences with the same frank demeanor and subtle charm she uses among her closest friends. She comes armed with a wicked cleverness and an arsenal of work that explores the humanity in each of us. I've watched Nicole consistently turn hundreds of cynical New Yorkers into praise-slinging fans in a matter of minutes. Still, she walks away humble, appreciative, and brutally human.   Jeanann Verlee, author of Prey, Racing Hummingbirds, and Said the Manic to the Muse

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